Encouraging hand washing with washable ink

The easing of lockdown makes it more likely that people will forget to wash their hands. This idea started many years ago by adults dabbing washable ink on children’s hands to teach them to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly before dinner.

As well as social distancing, hand washing and not touching your face is equally important. Having a system that marks the hand with ink will be a clear reminder to you and to others to wash your hands.

The original idea here was to encourage hand washing in restaurants and pubs, where you mark them with ink on their hands as they go into the bathroom, If they have a mark when they return, you know they haven’t washed their hands. Now let’s apply this concept to marking the hand when opening a door. I’ll switch the handle around so you have to lift it, but you don’t have to.

Now with this dreaded lurgy around, it makes sense to put it on any door you choose to dispense sanitiser, or since sanitiser is in short supply to use washable ink, face paint works well. And any container you can fix through the door, even a sauce bottle, anything to encourage more hand washing. You could use food colouring just dabbed on to a suspended sponge if you like, otherwise put a small hole in the top of a container and affix a piece of sponge, attach it to the door just above the handle. You also could just suspend the washable marker pen. But if you want a bulk professional look, go for a modified shampoo dispenser.

Here are two devices we could use to remind us not to touch our faces, one from a couple of hundred years ago, and the other is currently used on our pets after they’ve been to the vet.

But seriously, having devices that shame people into washing their hands can only be a good thing. Not only during the period of this pandemic, but going forward to improve hygiene around the serving of food and drink. And also they will naturally help stop future flus and viruses.

*or to force the delivery of hand sanitiser via door handles

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